Hillary Clinton Calls Debate ‘Maddening’ But Claimed That ‘Biden Kept His Cool’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on CBS’ The Late Late Show with James Corden last night and discussed the presidential debate that took place the night before.

She told Corden that the debate was “nerve-wracking” and said that every so often she would be “cringing.” She called the debate “maddening” and “sad,” but claimed that “Biden kept his cool.”

Earlier today, she tweeted out a clip of the interview where said that she believes, “This election comes down to an overwhelming turn-out of voters.”

In the tweet, she inferred that the president was an “aspiring” authoritarian and that they “thrive on feelings of powerlessness among the people they hope to rule.”

“Now is our moment to make sure Donald Trump and the GOP know we aren’t powerless—and we rule ourselves,” she added.

Prior to the debate, Clinton was in the middle of a remote MSNBC interview when a text box from Zoom Video Communications Inc. broke in saying: “Your meeting will end in 10 minutes.”

From Fox Business:

Viewers, many of whom have relied on the video conferencing service themselves in a world where live conversations have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, were tickled.

Clinton had been berating President Trump, declaring that his “series is about to be canceled,” a reference to the real estate mogul and entertainer’s star turn on “The Apprentice” franchise.

However, as Mashable reported Tuesday, it seemed that neither the network nor Clinton had upgraded their Zoom accounts to receive unlimited meeting time.