‘His Day Will Come’ Cori Bush Furious After Missouri Gov. Parson Fulfills Promise, Pardons McCloskeys For Defending Themselves From BLM Mob

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were among 12 individuals pardoned yesterday by Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson, which they hope will enable them to have the firearms used in an incident where they defended themselves from a BLM mob returned.

Parson had promised after the incident to pardon them if they were convicted on any of the charges.

U.S. House Rep Cori Bush (D-MO), who is no longer camping out on the steps of the U.S. Capitol after President Biden announced the reinstatement of the eviction moratorium, was furious at the news.

On CNN, Bush called the pardon “Unbelievable” and that “There are pardons that we have been asking for, pardons that actually should happen in Missouri, and that was not one.”

Obviously, a Republican governor should not care what pardons a so-called progressive representative wants, but nevertheless, Bush didn’t stop there.

“Mark McCloskey is an absolute liar,” Bush claimed, and added, “He has spat on my name, and because of that, his day will come.”

Mark McCloskey is currently running for Senate as a Republican for the seat being vacated by Republican U.S. Sen Roy Blunt.

In a statement issued by Mark McCloskey, he thanked Parson for their pardons and vowed to work to strengthen “the Castle Doctrine-guaranteeing Missourians the right to defend themselves with all force necessary.”

Following the reinstatement of the eviction moratorium, Bush credited the protest that she was involved in with making it happen in a tweet.

“On Friday night, I came to the Capitol with my chair. I refused to accept that Congress could leave for vacation while 11 million people faced eviction. For 5 days, we’ve been out here, demanding that our government acts to save lives. Today, our movement moved mountains,” Bush insisted.