Hypocritical Deep State Freaks Out at Possibility that Clarence Thomas Could Unilaterally Help Donald Trump with SCOTUS Petition

It has been recently reported that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas could unilaterally help former President Donald Trump with a SCOTUS petition regarding the Mar-a-Lago raid.

While it is unclear yet if Thomas will act, the possibility that he might have the hypocritical deep state freaking out.

Trump’s attorneys have requested that the Supreme Court reconsider a prior ruling granting an appeal by the Department of Justice to exempt more than 100 documents marked as classified from review by the Trump-designated special master, Raymond Dearie.

Dearie would then be permitted to decide whether the documents are subject to executive privilege, thereby causing the Department of Justice to risk losing potentially key pieces of evidence in its case against Trump.

Thomas is the Supreme Court judge who happens to be assigned to the circuit that includes where the case is being reviewed.

Leftists who see no problem with the initial raid which occurred while Biden-appointee Merrick Garland is the Attorney General, have been freaking out about the possibility that Thomas would rule.

Many want him to recuse himself from the case or event to be impeached.

Occupy Democrats declared in a tweet, “Donald Trump sends a demand to Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court — which he packed with his pet far-right psychos — to overturn the ruling that the DoJ can access the classified documents recovered at Mar-a-Lago. RT IF YOU SUPPORT IMPEACHING CLARENCE THOMAS!

MeidasTouch’s Ben Meiselas insisted in a tweet, “The fact that an actual Supreme Court Justice (Clarence Thomas) would even consider this Trump nonsense Application to Vacate the 11th Circuit’s Stay and demand a response from the DOJ is yet another scar on this Supreme Court, regardless of what the outcome ultimately is.”

Leftist author and news outlet contributor Michael Beschloss urged in a tweet, “Retweet this if you believe that Clarence Thomas should have recused himself from acting on the Trump case.”

Regardless of all the kvetching, Thomas is under no obligation to recuse himself, and while impeachment might score points with the hardcore leftists, it would not stand a chance of a conviction.

It would also ratchet up the likely retaliation that would come if Republicans take back the House in November.

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