‘I Know Gas Prices Are Painful’ Joe Biden Attempts to Relate and Continues to Blame Vladimir Putin

The White House released a “fact sheet” statement yesterday outlining “(Joe) Biden’s Plan to Respond to Putin’s Price Hike at the Pump.”

In a follow-up tweet, Biden declared, “I know gas prices are painful. My plan will help ease that pain today and safeguard against it tomorrow.”

“I’ll continue to use every tool at my disposal to protect you from Putin’s price hike. And I’m calling on Congress to put aside partisanship. Let’s meet this moment together,” Biden added.

Twitter account Defiant L’s pointed out Biden’s hypocrisy from when he was running for president and he suggested that then-President Donald Trump was always blaming others.

In an April 2020 tweet, Biden suggested that, “Donald Trump continues to do the exact thing we teach our kids not to do: blame others. It’s always somebody else’s fault — never his. It’s unbelievable.”

“We deserve better from our commander in chief,” Biden claimed at the time.

Along with the tweet, Biden also shared a video clip from an interview with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough where he suggested that “The president is supposed to take care of things.”

The statement from the White House does just that as the first three sentences place the blame for high gas prices squarely on Putin:

Americans face rising prices at the pump because of Putin’s Price Hike.  Since Putin accelerated his military build-up around Ukraine, gas prices have increased by nearly a dollar per gallon.  Because of Putin’s war of choice, less oil is getting to market, and the reduction in supply is raising prices at the pump for Americans.

Ironically though, the statement acknowledges that “at the start of this year, gas was about $3.30 a gallon.”

While Trump was in office, the average gas price never was above $3/gal. so either way, the price has been higher than Americans have become accustomed to since Biden took office.