Idaho Bill to Ban Liberal Mayors and Others from Mandating Municipal Mask Mandates Advances from Committee to Full Vote

Previously we reported that The Idaho House State Affairs Committee cleared a path for a hearing on a bill introduced by Idaho State Rep. Karey Hanks (R) which would ban mask mandates in Idaho. Hanks commented on the research she said she did, “on the physical and emotional and even mental injuries to our bodies, and possibly even our souls, as healthy individuals are required to wear these masks.”

She followed that by saying wearing a mask makes people not follow the other guidelines, “When people wear face masks, they tend to not social distance as much, not tend to wash their hands, take other safety precautions because they feel that they’re just taken care of because of the mask.”

The Health District that oversees Ada County (Boise) removed the mandate but Boise city doubled down because of the leftist Mayor Lauren McLean who was elected in November of 2019.

11 cities including Boise and McCall have mask mandates which means this bill would nullify these orders. The bill also mentions that schools can’t force students at schools or universities to wear masks.

The bill now advances, The House State Affairs Committee voted 10-2 along party lines with both Democratic representatives opposed to approving the measure that’s a rewritten version of previous legislation that banned mask mandates at medical facilities. The new bill allows hospitals and other healthcare facilities to require masks, as well as private businesses, but not actual localities. In our understanding, the bill allows these facilities to enforce these rules via trespassing laws if people do not comply.

There was no public hearing for the revision of this bill. There was a hearing on the original bill though. Idaho News 2 reported on their account of what happened during the hearing:

Some sang patriotic songs, others quoted the Bible as testimony ran overwhelmingly against government mask mandates at a public hearing in the House State Affairs Committee.

“The Bible tells us to seek the face of God,” said Lori Ann Anderson, supporting a ban on mask mandates. “If he hides it from us, it is punishment…”

Emotions ran high.

“Please listen to this story,” said Amy Hansen in tears, who talked about her anxiety disorder. “I oppose mandating masks, some people can’t wear them, for some, it’s not a matter of choice.”

Repeatedly, people spoke about the restrictiveness of masks, calling them a violation of their personal rights.

“The legislatures across the country need to protect our constitutional freedoms or we’re going to get into dangerous territory very quickly,” said Claudia Frent.

But Dave Krick, owner of Bitter Creek Alehouse and Red Feather Lounge, told the committee Boise’s mask mandate has helped keep his businesses open.

“Putting the mask mandate in place stabilized this,” Dave Krick told lawmakers. “It allowed most of the public to accept it so that it became normal so that we could normalize our operations and our business.”

Teresa Vetter of Boise also spoke against the original bill and the revised version.

“Frankly, the thing I was thinking is when did Idahoans get so soft,” she said. “This is a cloth mask, it helps prevent spread of an infectious disease that has already killed half a million Americans.”

With the exception of the cities mentioned, including Boise’s arguably radical leftist allegedly anti-White Mayor Lauren McLean, most of Idaho is against mask mandates. Although there are some who are against masks altogether, most just want the freedom of choice, rather than being told what to do at the risk of being arrested.

Yesterday, Ammon Bundy was arrested for not wearing a mask in Idaho court. It’s not the first time, and it’s arguable that he knew what he was getting into, to try to make a point:

Idaho activists have also had more than one protest at which they burned masks to show how they feel about mandates.