Idaho Citizens Burn Masks to Protest Radical Leftist Boise Mayor’s Mandate

Radical left-wing Mayor Lauren McLean who was recently elected to run the city of Boise, Idaho has, according to many locals, overstepped her bounds. This comes weeks after McLean’s transition team ‘report’ was released revealing the administration’s plans to push forward with a radical left-wing “anti-white dominant culture” agenda, that many locals have been alarmed about. McLean has attempted to do damage control since the release of the report, saying that it isn’t exactly “policy documents”.

Boise is one of the few left-leaning cities in the solidly red state of Idaho. On Thursday Mclean issued a mandate that orders everyone in the city of Boise to wear masks, with some exceptions. Not too surprisingly, many citizens have taken ‘exception’ themselves, with this mandate.

While nobody wants to spread or catch the COVID-19 virus, a large amount of freedom-loving Idahoans prefer not to be told what to do. This was shown today at a peaceful City Hall demonstration where citizens showed up to protest the mask mandate, and went even further, by burning masks in a metal bucket for all to see.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, these folks have made themselves loud and clear. Although the Mayor’s office is actually giving away masks to help ease the strain of compliance, it’s likely you couldn’t actually pay these people to be told to ‘muzzle up’, as some have called it. Idaho News 6 reported in part:

Health Freedom Idaho quickly organized a protest, and a couple of hundred people showed up at city hall Friday morning to voice their opposition to the mask mandate.

“We should have the freedom to make our own choices, do our own research, ask questions and have conversations, and not be bullied because we are standing up for something that is not mainstream,” said Kelsey Scranton who had a sign that said I am no anti-masks, I am anti-mandated-masks. “Everybody wants to have a voice and have freedom.”

Freedom was one of the central themes of the protest as people we talked to think this order violates their constitutional rights.

“When are we going to stand up and reclaim our freedom? asked James Kroshus another protestor. “Our founding fathers did it over tea, over taxation, and now our government local and federal are trying to control every aspect of our life.”

One citizen posted to Facebook: “Yes! My fellow Patriots are burning their masks in boycotting Mayor Hitler McClean’s order of mandatory masks at Boise City Hall. Let ‘em burn baby!!!” See below:

UPDATE 7/3/20 5:30 ET: Here’s a video posted by a citizen who says “we’re done with masks” documenting part of the protest. Watch below: