US Senator Appears to Try to Extort Esper Into Promoting Lt. Col. Vindman Amid Possible VP Rumors

A Democrat Senator from Illinois is reportedly up to some dirty tricks. Tammy Duckworth made claims yesterday that she is planning to block 1,123 senior military officer’s promotions until Defense Secretary Esper gives Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman a promotion, months after he was removed from his post for alleged bias against President Trump during the ‘whistleblower’ testimony.

Duckworth believes Vindman received retaliation from President Trump and is using very unorthodox means to try and get Vindman a promotion through Trump’s own defense secretary. Her statement was as follows:

“When I showed up at basic training, it didn’t matter who I was, all that mattered was that I could shoot straight and whether I was capable of leading when it was my turn to be the platoon leader—that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Our military is supposed to be the ultimate meritocracy. It is simply unprecedented and wrong for any Commander in Chief to meddle in routine military matters at all, whether or not he has a personal vendetta against a Soldier who did his patriotic duty and told the truth—a Soldier who has been recommended for promotion by his superiors because of his performance. I won’t just sit by and let it happen, and neither should any of my colleagues. This goes far beyond any single military officer, it is about protecting a merit-based system from political corruption and unlawful retaliation.”

Breitbart reported on the reported potential Biden VP running mate Duckworth:

Duckworth’s office said her decision was based in part on Trump’s threats to use active-duty forces to quell “peaceful civilian protests,” using Esper and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley in a “photo op,” and deploying military helicopters to “intimidate American civilians.”

The statement also accused Trump of insisting on “honoring traitors” who raised arms against the union to “maintain their ability to enslave and kill Black Americans” — a reference to Trump opposing renaming military bases named after Confederate military leaders.

Her statement came on the same day the Atlantic reported that 2020 Democrat nominee Joe Biden is vetting Duckworth as a potential running mate.

It is unclear how Mark Esper and President Trump will ultimately handle this predicament during a time when Trump is bogged down with falling poll numbers before a historical election and an ongoing pandemic at the same time, couple with race inspired riots around the nation. Tony Shaffer had this to say about the situation on Twitter:

“More politicization of national security by @TheDemocrats@tammyduckworth should resign from the Senate – Vindman lied under oath and is a disgrace to the uniform – he is no whistleblower and should be removed from the Army” See tweet:

In this writer’s opinion, (me), it seems as though the Democrats in office are on the full offensive against President Trump, pushing back against America First policies, law and order, and American history and culture generally, to intimidate potential Republicans voters or make them feel disenfranchised so much that shaky Joe Biden actually has a chance at pulling off a presidential victory this November. Time will tell if their strategy will pay off with the push to have Vindman promoted to spite President Trump and further fundamentally change the United States.

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