Idaho Officer Suspended for LeBron Mocking Tik Tok Gets the Last Laugh, is Back on The Job, Signed New Book Deal, and GoFundMe is Over Half a Million Dollars

As we previously reported:

A GoFundMe has been launched after an Idaho police officer was suspended for making a TikTok that went viral mocking NBA superstar LeBron James’s deleted tweet threatening a Columbus, Ohio police officer.

According to KTVB 7, the police department he serves with issued a statement saying his statements don’t represent the department and it “is a personnel issue that is being dealt with internally.”

The Gateway Pundit, however, reported on the GoFundMe, launched by his best friend, Gannon Ward, who said that he has been suspended for a week. While he is currently still employed, angry leftists are definitely trying to change that.

It is now being reported, however, that Silvester is getting the last laugh. Although it looks like a good chunk of his GoFundMe money may get donated, he has his job back, and also just signed a new book deal. Thanks a lot, angry Twitter liberals.

GoFundMe screenshot as of today:

It’s important to note that it’s surprising GoFundMe let the fundraiser go on this far, as many “right leaning” causes are often pulled from the site. Although it’s not exactly a right wing cause officially, it certainly goes against the left-wing narrative being pushed today.

Silvester recently posted the video below to his YouTube channel as well, doing a little victory lap:

Breitbart News reported on the book deal:

“The Idaho police officer who was placed on administrative leave after mocking criticism of NBA star LeBron James has signed a new book deal.”

Here is the original video that sparked all the controversy:

This came after basketball star LeBron James tweeted and then deleted a photo of an Ohio Officer regarding a police-involved shooting that said “you’re next”. Apparently, James didn’t have all the facts regarding that specific case and took a lot of heat. He even posted a partial apology later on saying that he “fueled the wrong conversation.”

Breitbart reported in part:

The video was viewed over 5 million times. And in short order, a GoFundMe page raised more than $500,000 for the officer.

Silvester noted that he would donate a portion of the GoFundMe money to the First Responders Children’s Foundation.

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