Ilhan Omar Urges Supporters to ‘Show Up in the Streets, City Halls, State Capitals, and the People’s House’

In a tweet today, Minnesota House Rep. Ilhan Omar urged supporters to “show up in the streets, city halls, state capitals and the people’s house.”

She begins the tweet by saying, “They say the world belongs to those who show up and I am a firm believer in that.”

“But more importantly, let’s show up to vote. Make a plan, take a friend or two and let’s get this done,” Omar concludes in the tweet.

Protests were held in Minneapolis Wednesday, which is part of Omar’s district, after police officer Derek Chauvin was released on $1M bond and one person was apparently arrested on suspicion of assault on a law enforcement official.

Officials said that Minneapolis police and other law enforcement agencies made 51 arrests total overnight, including one person charged with a felony and another with fourth-degree assault.

Also on Wednesday, rioters threw rocks at residential homes here in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, smashing windows following no indictments being issued against against a Black police officer who shot and killed an armed Black teen.

Omar later issued a tweet with “Requirements for joining the Squad” and then listed, “Commit to fighting for justice and equity. That’s it!” She then encouraged supporters to “Make it official by adding your name to the Squad Victory Fund list.”

The Squad Victory Fund was launched on July 1st with the goal to be able to raise money to support the reelection campaigns for the four congresswomen who comprise “The Squad” as well as their political action committees known as leadership PACs.

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