In Joe Biden’s Economy, Walmart Employees Brag About Getting Fired and Immediately Rehired on Social Media

Although many middle-class and higher-end jobs are being cut as the fed raises rates, the rest of the job world still seems to have a tight labor market. So tight in fact, that it’s hard to find employees, and Walmart enforces its bureaucratic rules while also using loopholes to keep enough employees simultaneously.

We’re not implying that the employee in this story offers a bad customer service experience, as we do not know that. However, this labor market may be partially to blame if you DO receive a poor experience at Walmart, Target, or other big box stores in our opinion.

A Tiktok video by a woman who goes by Ameliya and uses the handle @ameliya_0 that went viral basically appears to mock Walmart and their employee rules system. It seems the video, recorded in a Walmart parking lot shows the TikTokers dancing in her employee uniform, “dabbing” on her own bosses if you will, and seemingly having a blast.

Although we all loathe overcrowded Walmarts with not enough checkout lines open, which this situation brings to mind for me personally, you can’t help but laugh at this story anyway.

“POV: you got fired from Walmart then you applied back and they rehired you.”

A caption in the video also says: “they will literally hire anyone”. That isn’t exactly a testament for the worker herself or something she might want to put on a future resume. However, it’s still good for a laugh if nothing else:

@ameliya_0 they will literally hire anyone😭😭. #fyp #walmart #viralvideo #trending #AmazonVirtualTryOn #MakeASplash ♬ original sound – 12345

A blog called “distractify” reported that this is not uncommon as others chimed in:

“same got fired 3 times & got rehired twice”

“lol I left with no notice then got rehired”

“i had enough points to get fired and they knocked them off because they couldn’t afford to lose anyone”

“They was just playing”

“Bro’s fired me too but they literally called me within two days and asked me to come back”

There may be more nuance to this story. According to the blog, some didn’t get rehired when this same situation happened, and others can’t even get a job. So it may depend on the manager’s opinion of the worker in particular if the particular Walmart is short-staffed depending on the location, city or state, or other possible variables. Local economies aren’t always the same as the national story either.

It seems that big box stores and fast-food restaurants need workers, while higher-paying jobs are laying people off. This is not a laughing matter like the video above and could signal both short-term and long-term economic trends towards a coming recession and shrinking middle class.

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