In Possible Future Presidential Contender Hat Tip, Ron DeSantis is Challenged by Gavin Newsom to a Debate

Former CBS anchor Dan Rather proposed that CNN host a debate between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and California Governor Gavin Newsom (D).

“Here’s an idea for Chris Licht, the new head of @CNN. Set up a debate — one-on-one — between @GavinNewsom and @RonDeSantisFL. Two governors of big states, potential presidential candidates. Primetime. Ratings I bet would be huge. Who would have the courage to show up?”

Newsom jumped on the idea, sharing Rather’s tweet and adding, “Hey @GovRonDeSantis, clearly you’re struggling, distracted, and busy playing politics with people’s lives. Since you have only one overriding need — attention –let’s take this up & debate. I’ll bring my hair gel. You bring your hairspray. Name the time before Election Day. @CNN

The hair gel remark was added in response to something DeSantis said on Friday, “So the Governor of California sent a letter to the Department of Justice saying, ‘You need to prosecute Texas and Florida Governors.’ And all I can say is, I think his hair gel is interfering with his brain function.”

Newsom wants to debate before the election, we are guessing he means the midterm this November. Newsom has targeted DeSantis in attacks most recently calling for the DOJ to prosecute DeSantis over sending 50 illegal aliens to Marhta’s Vineyard in Massachusets.

“What @GovRonDeSantis and @GregAbbott_TX are doing isn’t clever, it’s cruel. I’m formally requesting the DOJ begin an immediate investigation into these inhumane efforts to use kids as political pawns.”

Newsom and DeSantis have both been floated as possible candidates for the 2024 presidential race. Both are very polarizing political icons that make the news on a regular basis.

CNN one would think would jump at the chance to host this debate between these two heavyweights. CNN’s ratings are in the toilet and they have a new CEO Chris Licht in charge of turning things around at the floundering network.

Licht has cut anchors that used very partisan rhetoric and removed Don Lemon from prime time to a morning slot. CNN+ also got nixed when he was coming on board.

So far DeSantis hasn’t responded to the invitation from Newsom’s invitation. If he accepts this may be a prequel for the 2024 presidential election, we will have to wait and see.

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