In the Middle of Attacking Trump, Eric Swalwell Suggests Tossing Russian Students Out of the U.S.

U.S. House Rep Eric Swalwell (D-CA) responded harshly in a tweet last night after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, claiming that “Republicans are rooting for Russia.”

Swalwell then doubled down on the claim today in a quote tweet that reported, “Russian TV is now showing Trump’s praise of Putin to justify their invasion.”

Not only that, but Swalwell appeared on CNN and suggested that perhaps Biden should be tossing Russian students of the United States.

In the initial viral tweet, Swalwell declared, “Kyiv and Kharkiv are being bombed. The largest invasion on our planet since WW2. Republicans are rooting for the Russians. God be with Ukraine and democracy.”

In the quote tweet, Swalwell again insisted, “Republicans are rooting for Russia. And Russia is replaying their cheers to rally Russians.”

“When I was a kid, the guiding principle of the Republican Party was toughness on Russia. Ronald Reagan built a whole Presidency on it,” Swalwell continued.


Around the time that he made the quote tweet, Swalwell appeared on “CNN Newsroom” and told the co-hosts, “Frankly, I think closing their embassy in the United States, kicking every Russian student out of the United States … should … be on the table.

“Vladimir Putin needs to know every day that he is in Ukraine, there are more severe options that could come,” Swalwell added.

Another retaliatory action that Swalwell floated was to sanction Putin personally and “completely” remove Russians from SWIFT, an international banking system that facilitates financial transactions between banks globally.