Peter Doocy Confronts Joe Biden at Press Conference: ‘Did You Underestimate Putin?’

Fox News’s Peter Doocy confronted Joe Biden today at a press conference where Biden spoke about the next steps he was taking against Russia.

Doocy first asked Biden a similar question to the one he asked Psaki yesterday at a news conference she held.

Biden insisted that he believes that it will be “highly unlikely” that any “economic pain” that was felt from the invasion would last a long time.

Doocy then asked Biden, “Did you underestimate Putin and would you still describe him the way you did in the summer, ‘As a worthy adversary?'”

Biden denied the charge and responded, “At the time, he was, I made it clear as an adversary, and I said he was worthy, I didn’t underestimate him.”

“And I read most of everything he’s written,” Biden continued before nearly making a wisecrack to Doocy before catching himself.

In the past, Biden has gotten snippy with Doocy but he appeared to be more subdued today when engaging with the White House correspondent.

Things then turned bizarre as Doocy pressed, “You’re confident that these devastating sanctions are going to be as devastating as Russian missiles and bullets and tanks?”

“Yes, Russian bullets and missiles and tanks in Ukraine, yes I am,” Biden responded, not really answering the question as he perhaps felt Doocy was trying to be a smart aleck.