Jake Tapper Goes on Condescending Rant Against Kayleigh McEnany Over Deleted Tweet After Brian Stelter Previously Called Her Out

CNN talking heads have been having a field day since Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany tweeted and then deleted a tweet about the murder rate, which spiked in 2020 and today, Jake Tapper went on a condescending rant about it.

Although Tapper attempted to incorporate both sides into the equation, the title of the video makes it crystal clear who he was targeting: “Tapper calls out Kayleigh McEnany for blaming Biden for murder rate under Trump.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter had previously called McEnany out, after she had deleted the tweet, where she shared the graph of the murder rate increasing and said, “The U.S. murder rate under Joe Biden…”

Stelter quote tweeted a screenshot of the tweet and declared, “So, @kayleighmcenany has deleted this tweet, which showed 2020’s spike in the murder rate under her then-boss President Trump. She falsely blamed Biden. She hasn’t posted a correction or apologized to her followers.”

Not long after Stelter’s tweet, McEnany made a new tweet regarding the situation and referenced her time as press secretary under former President Trump.

“From the White House podium in August 2020, I warned Defund would result in rising crime. Sadly, I was right. Biden you enabled this. Defund, Democrat mayors, you own this!” McEnany insisted.

McEnany also provided screenshots of Democrats defunding the police in various cities and said that she had “The receipts.”

In the video, Tapper concluded, “If your first instinct when you learn about a tragedy how to fit it into your view that your side is the good guys and the other side is the bad guys and you only accept the information that reaffirms that narrative, well you are revealing a part of your soul that needs to be fixed, not a part that needs to be broadcast to the world.”

It seems rich that Tapper would bring this up as CNN does that on a regular basis, so perhaps he is in the wrong business, in our view.

Also in our view, Tapper knows exactly what he is saying with that statement, which is scary, as one would have to wonder what he means by needing “to be fixed” and what that would look like, perhaps indefinite detainment like the Jan. 6 prisoners, who know.