Wendy Rogers Lights Up ‘Republicans’ Who Voted for Red Flag Laws, Including the Ones Others Are Afraid to Call Out

Arizona State Senator and self-described, “Conservative America First Pro-Trump Republican” called out the Republicans who voted for Red Flag laws and for women to be put into the draft.

“If you voted to draft our daughters or for #RedFlag gun confiscation in the latest trash bill to come out of DC resign now.”

“I am hearing some really bad things about some supposed conservative congressmen. @mattgaetz@RonnyJacksonTX@CawthornforNC@RepBice@RepGusBilirakis@Kat_Cammack and @DanCrenshawTX why did you vote for this garbage bill?”

Below is the list of the 135 GOP House Representatives who voted for red flag laws and for women to be drafted.

“Here’s a list of every single one of the 135 GOP members of Congress who just voted to disarm Americans with unconstitutional Red Flag laws yesterday under HR4350 – 2022, the National Defense Authorization Act.”

Unfortunately for Republican voters, most GOP House members voted once again to betray their base and give in to the left’s globalist agenda. Republicans like Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) who have claimed to be conservatives went against conservative principles.

135 House Republicans joined the Democrats in supporting and passing Red Flag laws and women being drafted. Wendy Rogers is rightfully upset that supposed “Republicans” are becoming turncoats in Congress. Some on the right have been scared in the past to call out Reps. Gaetz and Cawthorn because they have positioned themselves as “Pro-Trump” however, Rogers is willing to expose those who are posers.

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