James Woods Asks People To ‘Take the High Road’ With Kathy Griffin Due to Her Mother’s Death

Yesterday, we reported that Kathy Griffin tweeted out from a hospital, saying President Trump was lying and that she was suspected of having the Coronavirus but couldn’t get a test. Today, James Woods tweeted that she “just lost her mother” and “let’s take the high road and cut her some slack. Be kind.”

Griffin is not known for taking the “high road” as evidenced from her tweet yesterday and in 2017, she shared a video of her holding up a bloody, severed head that was made to look like President Trump. She did later apologize and the video has been removed, but it certainly left an impression in the minds of many.

It was announced on March 18th that Griffin’s mother had passed the day before and many have offered their heartfelt sympathies. She had sent out thank-yous on Twitter up until yesterday when she first shared a tweet and described it as “a real #coronavirus #COVID19 press conference.” Her next tweet was the one from the hospital.

Some users were understandably skeptical of her story, with some even accusing her of a Jussie Smollett situation, but it certainly is possible that she could have contracted the virus if she had interactions with people after her mother’s passing. One user pointed out, sarcastically, “I bet if you were a celebrity you could of gotten tested.”

The fact that people who are in the public eye have been able to get a test generally is a serious red flag on the story. Whether she is telling the whole truth or not, Woods’s advice seems pretty sound given the situation.