Media Accuses President Trump of Using Coronavirus Press Briefings As ‘Campaign Rallies’

As the President comes out every day to face the American people during this time of a public health crisis, the media circles the wagons, accusing President of everything from providing inaccurate information to the latest accusation, which is that he is using these briefings in place of his campaign rallies.

Multiple outlets have ran pieces in the last few days. On Tuesday, CNN went with the headline flat out saying, “Trump uses daily Coronavirus briefings to replace campaign rallies.” Daniel Dale says in the piece, “He has turned his daily White House Coronavirus briefings, like the one on Sunday, into a kind of special spinoff of the familiar Trump Show — replete with all the usual misinformation, self-promotion and potshots.”

Vanity Fair ran with a headline the same day, “The COVID-19 briefings themselves have become a grim Trumpian sideshow to the catastrophic public health emergency that is sweeping the globe.” In the article, Joe Pompeo and Michael Calderone called the briefings, “a grim Trumpian sideshow.”

And Rolling Stone, who was sued for a 2014 fake news story, went with a headline claiming, “Broadcasting Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Live Is a Danger to Public Health.” In the article, Andy Kroll said that “instead of the Trump campaign rally, it is the president’s daily press briefing about the pandemic that poses a unique threat to reliable information and public trust in the middle of a global and fast-spreading crisis.”

These reactions are just jaw-dropping at times, as we can only surmise that if the President and members of his task force didn’t give daily updates, they would likely be criticized for a lack of information and they appear to be as transparent as possible.

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