Jarome Bell Taunts Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, Posts Picture of Himself With ‘Afro-Cuban’ Proud Boy Member, Trump Digs in, Slams Antifa Again in New Interview

Republican Senator Tim Scott of SC recently said this of President Trump’s ‘Proud Boys’ comments at last night’s debate when Chris Wallace put Trump on the spot to ‘disavow’ certain groups: “White supremacy should be denounced at every turn,” Scott said. “I think the president misspoke, and he needs to correct it. If he doesn’t correct it, I guess he didn’t misspeak.”

Lindsey Graham, another SC Senator echoed the sentiment, shortly after his poll numbers came out showing him struggling to keep up with his Democrat opponent. It seems ‘White Supremacists’ are more of a concern to some Republicans than Antifa, despite major riot damages and violence nationwide by mostly left-wing Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters.

African American Republican from Virginia who recently was a candidate for U.S. Congress in the Virginia Beach region took issue with the bias and generalization by the two, posting a picture of himself with a member of the group everyone is freaking out about, implying the question everyone is asking on Twitter.

That question is, how is the group, whether it’s perfect or not, a ‘White Supremacist’ group when it appears to be chock full of people who are not white, including the man in Jarome’s photo? Are Graham and Scott pandering to the left more than they are being legitimately grieved by President Trump’s ‘stand down, stand by’ comments? Decide for yourself. Jarome tweeted:

“Me and my Dawg from Miami #ProudBoy not a white supremacy group. Enrique Tarrio, president of the Miami chapter of the Proud Boys, is a self-identified Afro-Cuban.”

President Trump just commented on the situation again that everyone is melting down about, saying he asked the group to let law enforcement do their job rather than go after Antifa themselves basically, highlighting that he doesn’t know much about the group. “I don’t know who they are,” he says, “I can only stay they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work”. He goes on to say “Antifa is a real problem, the problem is on the left” and says Joe Biden needs to condemn them. Watch:

Earlier we reported in part about Graham’s tweet throwing Trump under the bus:

Although SC-based US Senator Lindsey Graham (R) has been a good ally of President Trump’s on certain things such as the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, for example, many on the right have called for people to watch Graham as someone who could not be trusted.

Graham is echoing calls by Republican Senator Tim Scott (SC) to ‘clarify’ his stance on a right-wing group called the ‘Proud Boys’. We are not here to defend or denounce, but just to report, and it has been made clear that the group has people from many different ethnicities in it so it seems interesting that Graham would do this right after a poll came out that he is tied with his Democrat opponent for his re-election campaign.