Jemele Hill Claims People Who Believe the ‘United States Wasn’t Nearly As Bad As Nazi Germany’ Are Wrong

Former ESPN Sportscenter anchor Jemele Hill, who last month said there is “no wiggle room” on not being a racist if you vote for President Trump, has been doing some summer reading.

After reading a book by journalist and author Isabel Wilkerson that is on the “Oprah’s Book Club” list called Caste, she tweeted out today about World War II.

She said that “if you were of the opinion that the United States wasn’t nearly as bad as Nazi Germany, how wrong you are.” She encouraged people to read the “masterpiece.”

The tweet by Hill is being “ratioed,” which means that it has more comments than likes, which is usually a sign of strong disagreement, and “Nazi Germany” is now trending on Twitter.

Acting DNI Richard Grenell weighed in by encouraging her to apparently read a different book, saying “Read a book. The Nazis murdered 6.5 million Jews.”

Author and columnist Kurt Schlichter believes she is representative of the Democrat party by saying “Democrats think America is as bad as Nazi Germany. Yeah, definitely give them power.”

Hill recently appeared on MSNBC and talked about the Democratic National Convention, saying that Democrats at convention “installed a level of humanity that has been missing” since Trump stepped into office.