Jen Psaki Claims That Not Many Republicans Are Offering Solutions to the Border Crisis, Only Outrage

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the border crisis yesterday during her daily press briefing and she claimed that not many Republicans are offering solutions to the border crisis, only outrage.

TPUSA’s Benny Johnson shared a clip of the exchange and offered a solution that all Republicans had previously been behind.

Johnson quoted Psaki, who said, “There are a lot of Republicans out there giving speeches about how outraged they are about the situation at the border. Not many who are putting forward solutions or steps that we could take.”

“Maybe step one could be to continue building THE WALL Joe halted construction of,” Johnson lamented.

Psaki suggested that an immigration bill needed to be passed in Congress in order to restore order at the border and that is how Republicans could be working with Democrats to get the situation resolved.

U.S. House Rep Bob Good (R-VA) recently took a trip to the Arizona border and made it clear that he believes that resuming construction of the border wall is the number one priority as Johnson said.

Standing in front of an open tract of land, Good called it the “ideal Biden Border Wall – unsecured, unprotected, nonexistent!”

The Daily Wire also reported on the press briefing and Psaki’s exchange with Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who asked her why the president has not yet visited the border.

Psaki responded, “What would you like him to do at the southern border and what impact do you think that would have on the policies?”

Doocy pressed her again and she responded, “I don’t think it’s an issue of wanting to go; I think it’s an issue of what’s most constructive to address what we see as a challenging situation at the border and a broken immigration system and his view is: The most constructive role we can play is by helping to push immigration reform forward; helping reform the broken policies of the last several years; and listening to his team of advisors, who have been to the border multiple times, about what the path forward should look like.”

Generally, when there is a crisis somewhere in the country, the president goes to visit and Biden has done that so far otherwise, which Doocy then questioned, “So why is this the one crisis then that he thinks he can manage better from here without having seen it than going to the southern border and seeing it?”

Psaki then shot back, “I can assure you the president is well aware of what the challenges are in our broken immigration system, something he watched closely over the last four years.”

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