GA GOP Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan Blames Trump For Biden Victory in CNN Op-Ed Ahead of Georgia Rally

Georgia’s GOP Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan blamed former President Trump for President Joe Biden’s victory in a CNN op-ed ahead of tonight’s “Save America Rally” in Perry, Georgia.

In the piece, Duncan claimed, “Conservatives have every right to be upset that Trump blew an easy lay-up in losing a winnable election to President Biden.”

“But if we are all being honest with one another, Trump did not lose because of voter fraud or his conservative policies. Biden is sitting in the White House today because voters grew tired of Trump’s erratic behavior, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Duncan also declared.

Duncan also must not be aware that the late, great Charlie Daniels was a big fan of Trump’s as he invoked a Daniels’ song in the piece.

“If the legendary Southern rocker Charlie Daniels were still with us today, his hit song could be re-written as, ‘A president went down to Georgia, he was looking for a party’s soul to steal,'” Duncan suggested.

If Daniels were still with us today, he would likely be calling Duncan satan instead and appearing on stage with Trump at the rally.

In a tweet where he shared the op-ed, Duncan added, “Enough is enough Republicans. It’s Donald Trump’s fault we have Joe Biden in the White House.”

Duncan also retweeted CNN’s Phil Mattingly, who announced that Duncan would be appearing this afternoon on the cable news network, along with former U.S. House Rep Barbara Comstock (R-VA).

Between the two, it gives CNN the appearance of being a bipartisan news network, although most Republicans do not agree with their current views on Trump.