‘Jesus Matters’ Bevelyn Beatty Intends to File Lawsuit Against BLM, Asks For Others to Come Forward

After wreaking havoc on Black Lives Matter murals in NYC, “Jesus Matters” Bevelyn Beatty said in a Facebook Live video yesterday that she intends to “file lawsuits against Black Lives Matter for the damage and destruction they’ve caused to persons and property.”

She added that “if you or someone you know has been injured or their property destroyed because of the riots incited by Black Lives Matter, please reach out to me. Even if your family member has died! Do not hesitate to reach out we will help you sue BLM for FREE.”

In another live video yesterday, Beatty said, “If you support BLM you hate Black people, Jesus, and or yourself!”

In a live video from July 16th, she said she’d had enough with what was going on with Black Lives Matter. “I’m at a point honestly, spiritually, where I have had absolutely enough” and she called them “a terrorist group.”