Liberals Troll Veteran After Starbucks Kicks Him Off Property, No Comment From Local Manager

We reported Monday about veteran, firefighter, and Congressional candidate George Buck who was reportedly told to leave Starbucks property and came back with a Dunkin Donuts cup. The post on Facebook has now been shared over 90k times.

The post has gotten a lot of positive feedback, as we first reported, but then it was picked up by liberal trolls. They have attempted to spin the story by saying that he must be lying or that he was told to leave for not wearing a mask, among other reasons.

Buck shared the article that we wrote on his Facebook and Twitter and a Starbucks representative reached out to him under the article shared on Twitter asking if they could “facilitate a follow up from the district manager of this store.”

We reached out to the local store but were redirected to an email and have not received a response back.

Buck has responded to the liberal trolling by saying “Socialist America-hating Dems are attacking me for bashing @Starbucks. I still say #BuyDunkin. @dunkindonuts

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