Jim Acosta Tries to Grill McEnany Over Trump’s ‘Disinfectant Injection” Comments, She Doesn’t Take the Bait

Jim Acosta went for the proverbial jugular today against White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, hitting her with a barrage of twisted and contorted questions to try to get her or President Trump to look bad one way or another.

It can’t always be easy being press secretary and it never has been an easy job, regardless of who the president was. But today Acosta seemed to really have it out for Kayleigh. She did well to avoid answered some bait like questions though, and stuck to the premise of what she appears to believe really matters.

Although the person who tweeted the videos below evidently added some left-leaning commentary, you can listen for yourself to decide what you think. Regardless of Acosta’s tough demeanor, a couple of the questions may have had some validity, for example, asking about clarification with allegations that Russia had placed a bounty on U.S. Soldiers. McEnany handled the questions with grace in spite of the tough environment.

Acosta also pushed the concept that President Trump’s administration has been trashing Dr. Anthony Fauci. McEnany said, “President Trump noted that Dr. Fauci has made some mistakes”. Acosta then hit McEnancy with a low blow, saying “hasn’t the president made mistakes, he suggested at one point Americans inject themselves with disinfectants, uh, that sort of thing, uh, why not send out these notes to reporters about what Dr. Fauci said in the past with your names on it?”

Of course, it has been said that President Trump’s comments about disinfectants were taken severely out of context and to be fair, didn’t really have anything to with today’s news, other than Acosta trying to be sly. Kayleigh handled it well though, simply saying that Dr. Fauci himself has complimented President Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Watch:

The left-leaning Twitter user who posted the videos claimed that McEnany ‘bends over backward to avoid directly rebuking the Kremlin’, despite the fact that Kayleigh had made her point that there was still not solid proof Russia did anything wrong in the first place with regard to bounties being placed on soldiers, as you can see in the second video.

Anyone working for the Trump Administration, of course, knows what they’re getting themselves into with a job like Kayleigh’s and is, of course, par for the course at this point, to go out day after day taking criticism and pushing back with the information available.

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