Kayleigh Schools Reporter on Roger Stone Question, Says Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Didn’t Have Predawn FBI Raid…

Recently President Trump granted a commuted sentence to his long time friend Roger Stone, just before he was slated to report to prison. A White House reporter pressed Kayleigh McEnany on the details of exactly how Stone’s clemency works in legal terms.

McEnany appeared to stumble at first, giving fodder to the apparently left-leaning website ‘Raw Story‘ to criticize her response. But the real story hear appeared to be when the White House press secretary pointed out similar alleged crimes by anti-Trump agents under President Trump’s administration not getting nearly the scrutiny as Roger Stone’s alleged crime received.

McEnany schooled the reporter by saying:

“It’s really curious to me that you know with Roger Stone being charged with false statements, but McCabe was charged with false statements, lying to federal investigators, Brennan false statements to Congress, Clapper, false statements to Congress, but last time I checked, they didn’t have 29 FBI agents wearing tactical gear, showing up at their house in a pre-dawn raid, wielding M4 rifles, sweeping across their lawn, as happened to Roger Stone. They didn’t have 4 agents using battering rams breaking down their front door over false statements, and they didn’t have helicopters hovering over their houses and two police boats that roared up. Instead, McCabe and Clapper and Brennan and these guys are given lucrative contracts, book, contributorships” she says. Kayleigh went on to wrap up her tirade:

“So there are really two standards of justice in this country as Adam Schiff noted, fortunately he doesn’t have the facts to back up the way he meant that term”. Watch the riveting video clip below:

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