Jim Jordan Calls Out Chuck Schumer For Wanting to ‘Radically Change America’

Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer celebrated the announcement that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were to be the President and Vice President elects.

He took to the streets of New York waving an anti-Trump flag that had the number 45 in a circle and crossed out while at first, not wearing a mask and being surrounded by a group of people.

Schumer told those gathered and the media that “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world.” After putting his mask on, he again insisted that they were going to “take Georgia” and then he said that they were going to “change America.”

Ohio Republican House Rep. Jim Jordan responded to the clip and said, “Chuck Schumer wants to radically change America. More socialism. Less freedom. Open borders. Closed gun stores. Higher taxes. Lower wages.”

Yesterday, Jordan called out Democrats for their inconsistency surrounding the election this year compared to 2016.

Jordan first said regarding this election, “Democrats in 2016: ‘Russia interfered in the election. We will not accept the integrity of the results!'”

As for this election, Jordan said, “Democrats in 2020: ‘How dare you raise questions about election integrity!'”

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