Jim Jordan Critical of ‘Democrats in Total Control of Government’ as Gas Prices Rise to Multiyear Highs

Gasoline prices, already rising sharply, have reached multiyear highs as seven states have gas prices that have cracked the barrier of $3 for an average gallon of regular.

Many are rushing to explain why this has happened, less than 100 days into Joe Biden’s presidency and with the Democrats now in total control of the government.

U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) pointed that out and listed how he believes things are already falling apart under with the opposing party in charge.

“Crisis at the southern border, Keystone Pipeline canceled, schools closed, gas prices up, inflation rising, and if they raise the minimum wage to $15? Expect 1.4 million job losses,” Jordan explained.

An op-ed in The Hill sought to pin the blame on the Biden administration. Liz Peek pointed out that Biden’s attack on U.S. energy producers, starting with his freeze on federal oil and gas leases, will assuredly take a toll on output down the road and cause prices at the pump to rise.

Peek pinned the blame on Biden also for alienating Saudi Arabia, who recently announced that it would not raise oil output, despite developing supply constraints and rising prices.

An energy contributor to Forbes, Robert Rapier, sought to deflect the blame from Biden, calling it “ludicrous.” He then pointed out falling COVID numbers and suggested that Biden is responsible for neither.

Biden has been fairly mum on the gas prices situation, as he has yet to tweet about it and has been focusing on the COVID “relief bill” and “voting rights” in recent tweets.

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