Republican Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini Announces Run for Congress to, ‘Make America First Again’

Pro-Trump Republican State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (FL) has officially announced his run for Congress in 2022. Below is his campaign ad which he released on Twitter Monday morning.

“I’m officially launching my campaign for Congress. I’m asking all CONSERVATIVE FIGHTERS to join me and put America first!”

Rep. Sabatini made waves on the internet for his vigorous support for Trump and his will to not apologize for his strong conservative beliefs and values.

While calling himself the most pro-Trump State Rep. in Florida, he has gone after weak RINOs for their surrender of core conservative values and betrayal of Trump, making a Trump endorsement seem inevitable.

In his ad, he said, “I am an America First Conservative and I am running for Congress. The spineless and corrupt Republican establishment turned its back on President Trump and refuses to fight for our America First agenda and it’s time to fight back.”

He highlighted being the “most conservative” member of Florida’s state legislature and mentioned that “fighting for what is right” is what he does.

Sabatini mentioned that he wants to, “make America First again.”

We will have to see if Rep. Sabatini can win in the 2022 midterm as it is time to replace and unseat every Democrat and RINO with America First conservatives.

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