Jim Jordan is Officially Moving to The House Intelligence Committee

It’s official, Congressman Jim Jordan (R) has been moved to the House Intelligence Committee. He will be replacing Congressman Rick Crawford (R). This move is only temporary, as GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy Tweeted out that Crawford will rejoin the committee  “when this Democrat charade is over.”


CBS reported:

“Republican leaders in the House are hoping that Jordan can bring his combative questioning style to the first open hearings in the impeachment inquiry held by the Intelligence Committee next week. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has sole discretion over Intelligence Committee assignments. A spokesman for Crawford did not return a request for comment.

‘Democrats have turned the Intelligence Committee into an impeachment committee,” a senior Republican aide told CBS News earlier this week. “We are interested in putting together the best team.’”

Jordan is a strong defender of President Donald Trump. He also has good experience from the Mueller questioning in the Judiciary Committee earlier this year. Jordan is always one to talk to the media to let the people know what is going on, this may be helpful in giving the public more than just the Schiff opinion on what is going on.

As House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (D) continues his push to impeach President Donald Trump, the Republicans are stepping up their pushback efforts while national polls show headwinds in the 2020 Trump presidential campaign. Even still, the Democrats struggle to find a candidate they can all get behind and who is considered to have the energy to beat President Trump on the debate stage.

Recently former NYC Mayor and leader of the nonprofit: ‘Everytown For Gun Safety’ billionaire Michael Bloomberg has hinted he might run for president in the Democrat primary as well. This comes as other Democrats have been dropping out, further highlighting the lack of consolidation and direction in the party.