Jim Jordan Rips Dems Who Can’t Understand That ‘Confirming Judges Isn’t the Same as Court Packing’

Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee member Senator Chris Coons (Del) said today that the Senate moving to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett “constitutes court-packing,” and he also called the nominee’s views “disqualifying.”

Jim Jordan fired back in a tweet that appeared to be directed at the Senator that “Confirming judges isn’t the same as court packing. It’s not that hard to understand. Unless you’re a Democrat.”

Coons is in a race for his seat against Lauren Witzke, who we recently reported was suspended from Twitter.

Coons made the comments on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday program and Republican Senator Ben Sasse (Iowa) also responded to the claims.

On Fox, @BenSasse called Biden and Democrats’ plan to pack the courts and kill the filibuster “a suicide bombing of 2 branches of government.” Calls @ChrisCoons‘ intentional dishonesty about court-packing “weirdly Orwellian,” and Biden’s dodging “grotesque.”

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein (Ca) opined in June that Republicans had “stacked” the judiciary.

“The Senate has confirmed 200 of President Trump’s judicial nominees, roughly 23 percent of all federal judgeships. That includes 53 to the nation’s appellate courts, the court immediately under the Supreme Court,” she said.

“What emerges from this group of new judges is a judiciary stacked with young conservative ideologues, many of whom lack basic judicial qualifications,” she added.