Lauren Witzke on Temporary Twitter Ban: ‘Where is the GOP?’

Delaware Republican Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke was locked out of her Twitter account yesterday for “twelve hours.” As she put it, the temporary ban was “for stating something that was a standard line in Trump’s 2016 rallies.”

She asked, “Where is the GOP?” Shen answered her own question, saying, “Silent. Hiding under their desks. This is why we lose.”

She had first announced her return, saying “I’m back! I knew @Twitter was in the tank for @ChrisCoons but suspending my account with 24 days to go is beyond what I expected. I’m inspired to fight this censorship even harder once I get to Washington!”

Breitbart obtained a screenshot yesterday of the message that Twitter had sent her, where they stated that she had violates its rules against “hateful conduct” in a tweet she made.

That tweet essentially contained a campaign proposal, where she said, “Let’s be clear, mass migration absolutely destroyed Europe. Italy, France, Sweden and Germany took in tons of migrants who never assimilated. Rapes, murders, and other heinous crimes abound. I will end ALL immigration into the US for ten years.”

Another tweet of Witzke’s has been garnering a lot of attention and accusations of racism by left-wing verified Twitter users. “Most third-world migrants can not assimilate into civil societies. Prove me wrong,” she stated.