Jim Jordan Set to Up His Game by Reportedly Planning U.S. Senate Run

Update: it appears that after the reports, Jordan has decided and stated he is not going to run for U.S. Senate, after all, see here.

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) is reportedly planning on retiring from his seat which is paving the way for a new race. Reports are out that staunch Trump supporter and former impeachment superstar Jim Jordan (R-OH) who is currently a U.S. House Rep is planning on swooping in for the ‘kill’.

“The overwhelming consensus among Ohio Republicans is that a Trump-aligned candidate would be best positioned to win a competitive Senate primary, and no potential candidate has a better claim to Mr. Trump’s voters in the state than Representative Jim Jordan, who was Mr. Trump’s chief defender during his first impeachment trial and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the former president’s final days in office,” reported The New York Times.

Jordan has also been one of the biggest proponents of standing up to President Biden as of late. Oversight Committee Republicans recently tweeted:

“Top Republicans @RepJamesComer, @Jim_Jordan, and @virginiafoxx are expressing concerns over UPenn’s close relationship with the Biden family and recent revelations that the university has received millions of dollars from China. The lawmakers are seeking answers”

It will be tough for but imperative of the GOP to take back some sort of power soon, whether it be in the House, Senate, or both. They will have to get creative because if they don’t, the radicals on the left will continue to push President Biden to pass more and more radical left-wing bills.

Jim Jordan has been on record saying he’s not sure yet but it’s looking more and more likely. He recently opined on Fox News:

“We haven’t decided anything, but right now I’m focusing on bills like the one Democrats are introducing,” the Ohio lawmaker said.

Bizpacreview reported in part:

But even he decides to not pursue Portman’s seat, there’ll likely be plenty of other high-profile Republicans seeking it.

“Among those competing for Trump’s base could be Rep. Warren Davidson and state Republican Chair Jane Timken. Meanwhile, Republicans staking out more moderate ground might include Rep. Steve Stivers, state Sen. Matt Dolan and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted,” the Post reported.

“Former congressman and 2018 U.S. Senate nominee Jim Renacci and Rep. Michael R. Turner have also been mentioned, as has Rep. Brad Wenstrup. In other words, almost every Republican with a pulse.”

Indeed, according to the Times, Portman’s announcement triggered “a political land rush, with top strategists in the state receiving a flood of phone calls from potential candidates testing their viability.”

“One consultant said he had received calls from five would-be candidates by midday,” the outlet reported.

Some have also thrown out the idea of NBA star LeBron James, a Democrat, running for the seat.

Based on all this, there’s still an uphill battle for those who want Jordan in the Senate fighting for Americans. First he’ll have to decide for sure, then he’ll have to beat all the other possible candidates who are considering running. This could be a good thing for Donald Trump if he tries to make a comeback to politics at some point, since Jordan has been known to be loyal to the former president.

It will be interesting to see if any well known names would throw their hats into the ring to take over Jordan’s House seat if this all comes to pass. 2022 is shaping up to be a very interesting year for national races as well. Most of the time the party with a newly elected president loses seats in Congress a couple years later, as we saw in 2018 with the GOP.

The Republicans only held the presidency for 4 years this time around though, so anything could happen. This also rings true because Demographic shifts and in-migration due to Covid-19 are sure to change the way states vote in the future.

We are entering uncharted territory, and although the pendulum almost always swings from left to right and back again, the left could be positioned to take a leverage stranglehold for a cycle longer than anyone has seen or expected for a long time.

Despite what happens, it’s likely the seat will stay red, and a run by Lebron would probably be for publicity and DNC fundraising if nothing else. We will do our best to keep you updated on the situation if we get updates.

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