Jim Jordan: ‘The Left Wants to Take Away Your Freedom’

After being a focal point of a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing and going on more than one rant that later became viral videos recently, the U.S. Rep from OH, Jim Jordan (R) continues his tear against the left. After tweeting a Fox News clip that he just appeared in, he took to Twitter to summarize what he sees as an attempt by the left to take away many things. This was in a retweet of U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows tweet noting similar talking points. Jim Jordan:

“Today’s Left wants to:

-Take away your private healthcare
-Take away your drinking straws
-Take away your firearms
-Take away your Supreme Court Justice
-Take away your President

They want to take away your Freedom.”


Jim Jordan highlights hypocrisy having to with FISA abuse that occurred during the Russian investigation relating to President Trump that ended up turning up no solid evidence that Trump ever colluded with Russia. He goes off in a new Fox News video below.


This comes on the wings of a House Judiciary Committee resolution passed recently that allows for impeachment proceedings against President Trump to move forward. At that meeting, Rep. Jordan ranted about the same committee trying to push for ‘Red Flag’ gun laws and then lambasted the committee headed up by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D) for trying to impeach the President rightfully elected by the American people by changing rules. “Why are you changing the rules,” he asks the committee as they push forward for the Trump impeachment. He then goes on “because nothing else has worked for ya”.