Jim Jordan Triggers Opponent, Dems by Tweeting ‘If You Can Protest in Person, You Can Vote in Person’

Republican US House Rep Jim Jordan went on the offensive today on Twitter against mail-in voting by tweeting out that “If you can protest in person, you can vote in person.”

The tweet has drawn a lot of support, with over 100k likes, and also triggered many Democrats including his opponent this November for Ohio’s 4th Congressional District, Shannon Freshour.

She claimed that she can “protest by mail,” so she can “vote by mail.” To our knowledge, there hasn’t been any protesting by mail that has been in the news. She also said that “under the Ohio Revised Code” she “can vote by mail too.”

Biden/Harris supporter “Karen from Chicago” replied that “In the middle of a pandemic anyone who truly believes in the Constitution,Democracy,the health&safely of American voters,every leader whetherRorDshould want to give people the option. If you can safely vote in person:great! If you can’t:vote by mail is imperative!”

#VoteBlueNoMatterWho Twitter user Kent B. believes “people can vote any way they wish to. Because they are free Americans who can choose for themselves. But the GOP does not want this.”

Jordan had recently asked Dr. Fauci at a Congressional hearing “if protests had increased the spread of the virus.” Dr. Fauci replied that “crowding together, particularly when not wearing a mask, increases the spread of the virus.”

Jordan then asked if the government should limit the protests. Dr. Fauci was evasive in his response and so Jordan asked about limiting church service and Dr. Fauci agreed. Dr. Fauci said that he is not “favoring anybody.”

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