Jim Jordan Wonders, ‘If Joe Biden Isn’t ‘The Big Guy’ Why Won’t He Say So?’

Republican Ohio House Rep. Jim Jordan appeared today on Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo and laid into Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, the mainstream media, and the controversy surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop emails.

Bartiromo said that Jordan has looked at the emails and “actually authenticated them.” She then asked “what can you tell us in terms of what’s fact?”

“They are as real as real can be, we have the eyewitness, Mr. Bobulinski, who said, ‘These are authentic, these are real, the big guy in one of these emails does, in fact mean, Joe Biden and he himself had spoke to former Vice President Biden,'” Jordan responded.

Jordan continued, “So this is as real as it gets, and here’s the fundamental question, Why won’t Joe Biden say they are not real, if they are not accurate, if these aren’t accurate emails, why won’t the Bidens say so?”

“Frankly why won’t the press ask him that fundamental question, that basic question, ‘Mr. Biden are these actually accurate? Is this Hunter Biden’s laptop and, in fact, are you the big guy?’ They won’t ask him that question but the American people know these facts are true,” Jordan concluded.

Republican Georgia House Rep. Doug Collins also was a part of the segment and after Bartiromo read off one of the emails, he said, “It’s amazing here, what Jim just broke down is true.”

“What is amazing to me, the Biden campaign and their willing accomplices in the media have never denied the authenticity of these documents, they just make broad sweeping arguments that they aren’t real,” Collins added.

Full video below: