Biden Rep. Insists ‘Trump is Trying to Distort’ Biden’s ‘Position On’ Oil Industry

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager and communications director Kate Bedingfield appeared on NBC‘s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd today.

In one part of the interview, Todd mentions comments that were made during the last presidential debate, saying, “I want to ask you about the remark late in the debate about the oil industry, where the former vice president said he wants to transition away from the oil industry.”

“Look, some of these remarks that he said, he’s said it before. Let me ask the question to you this way Kate, if you work in the oil industry, if you believe that fracking has been good for the economy and you heard the statements from Joe Biden,” Todd continues.

Todd concludes by asking, “Long term Joe Biden doesn’t sound like a supporter of those industries. So why shouldn’t those folks think, ‘You know what, Donald Trump is going to be more supportive, not Joe Biden,’ you comfortable with that?”

Bedingfield claims that Biden only wants President Trump to lose his job and that the president is trying to “distort” Biden’s position “on this” and that Biden only wants to “end subsidies” to the industry.

She later said that Biden wants to fund “education,” while Trump wants to fund “Exxon.” She insisted that the Biden administration would “create new jobs.”

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