Joe Biden Calls Trump ‘Climate Arsonist’, Says ‘We Need a President Who Respects Science’

The major news networks are bending over backward to assert that despite rumors, Antifa and other militant left-wing groups are not the cause of many out of control wildfires that continue to wreak havoc on the West Coast and beyond.

Despite this, there is evidence of arson, and although we are not ‘denying’ climate change, it’s very important to add context and not fuel the fires of fear, which is what Joe Biden is doing in our view. Joe Biden (or whoever is running his Twitter account) posted a short clip of himself speaking recently.

The same clip was used in a ‘doctored’ joke video that President Trump retweeted showing a man in an Antifa helmet with a flame thrower lighting the grass on fire behind Joe Biden. To be clear, it is not a real clip of Antifa setting fires.

Most people know that already but we have to be accurate with our stories to keep the overlords happy. Anyway, presidential candidate Biden lambasted President Trump in the short clip captioned: “If you give a climate arsonist four more years in the White House, why would anyone be surprised if more of America is ablaze?”

He goes on to imply that a continuance of the Trump administration would lead to more natural disasters caused by President Trump’s denial of climate change.

It’s hard to believe that even if everything the so-called experts say is true and we give them all the benefit of the doubt, that things could happen that fast that Joe Biden is going to get elected, legislate some sort of climate deal and immediately fix floods, hurricanes, and forest fires, or even remotely quickly. This is in our view and left up to the reader’s discretion to decide what you think of course, but to us, it seems fairly obvious. WATCH:

The timing of Joe Biden’s expected ‘fix’ or even partial fix of natural disasters with a Biden election is what leads us to believe that no matter where you stand on the issue itself, Mr. Biden’s appeal seems to be fear-mongering at worst, and disingenuous at best, and politics as usual.

The Oregon Catalyst has reported at least 14 arrests for West Coast arsons so far, and we feel that, Antifa or not, it’s something that should be added for perspective in a good-faith debate about current wildfires that are tragically ravaging our nation.

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