Joe Biden Claims he Told Everyone at G7 Meeting His Afghanistan Withdrawal Plans Before Decision

Joe Biden has spoken in a cumbersome press conference today to try to do damage control in our view. This is in light of the recent Afghanistan debacle.

Many say that the United States is embarrassed on the global stage, including former President Trump, in his own words. Trump has called for Biden to resign and apologize to the nation.

Biden attended the global G7 meeting back in June. In today’s press conference, he claimed he told everyone there what he was going to do in regards to Afghanistan. We aren’t sure if this is a safe protocol for U.S. military strategy, but it sounds very odd to us.

It also sounds like a way to deflect blame for a situation that lead to people falling from a U.S. Air Force plane to their death as they tried to escape while the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

“By the way, before I made this decision, I was at the G7, as well as met with all our NATO partners. I told them all. Every one of them knew and agreed with the decision I made to end, jointly end our involvement in Afghanistan.” Watch clip:

Watch the full press release here:

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