Joe Biden Knelt Before BLM But Now Blames Trump Supported ‘Armed Militias’ for Violence in New Speech


Despite the fact that a Trump supporter was just hunted down and murdered in cold blood for his political beliefs in Portland, Oregon, Joe Biden just took to a speech and appears to partially of mostly blame Trump and his supporters for ‘fanning flames’ of violence.

It’s like this speech is something out of the twilight zone, or perhaps a Saturday Night Live skit. Joe Biden is so out of touch with reality it’s beyond belief. He spent part of the afternoon speaking in Pittsburgh blaming President Trump for things that mostly Antifa and Black Lives Matter are responsible for, groups he won’t disavow by name, one of which he knelt before.

He also said he supports the police, as most of them are good in his view despite Democrat protesters who he supports who nightly scream “all cops are bastards” in various American cities. A NYC Police Union has endorsed President Trump for re-election though, and recently 6 Minnesota Mayors, Democrats by the way, also endorsed President Trump.

The Hill tweeted out this clip from moments ago captioned:

“Joe Biden: “His failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows how weak he is. Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is re-elected?” See below:

You can see his entire speech here, where he says that all the rioting and violence is happening in “Trump’s America”. Democrats have been afraid to disavow rioting and violence for the past 100 days or so. But since things have gotten so bad it appears their new strategy, after largely ignoring so much violence, is to simply blame Trump. Blame President Trump for groups they showed so much support for.

Even just a few days ago former President Barack Obama tweeted support for continued protests, although he slyly added the word peaceful in there just to cover his butt in our opinion.

Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate even helped ‘rioting’ protesters get out of jail. It seems to stop rioting, stopping protests would be a good start in our view. But the Democrats just don’t see it that way. They think protests should continue but violence and rioting? Blame it on President Trump and his supporters. Amazing.

Recently #BidenRiots have also been trending on Twitter, make of it what you will. We don’t endorse violence and we’re not accusing anyone of inciting it, we’re just analyzing the situation and hoping some sense of it all can be made.

See Joe Biden’s full speech from today:

Here’s Joe Biden kneeling before leftist protesters:

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