Joe Biden Taps Pennsylvanian Who Doug Mastriano Previously Called to Resign for Assistant Health Secretary Position

It is being reported that Joe Biden is choosing Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman, to be his Assistant Health Secretary in his administration.

According to ABC 27:

A pediatrician and former Pennsylvania physician general, Levine was appointed to her current post by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf in 2017, making her one of the few transgender people serving in elected or appointed positions nationwide. She won past confirmation by the Republican-majority Pennsylvania Senate and has emerged as the public face of the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Levine has not gone without controversy in Pennsylvania though. State Senator Dough Mastriano (R-PA) recently called for Levine to resign for allegedly pulling her own Mother out of a nursing home at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. This move was seen by many as hypocritical.

Mastriano explained his position in a Tucker Carlson clip previously as you can see below:

This continues Joe Biden’s push to have an extremely “diverse” cabinet as he has sought out to do.

We think that when people are chosen for important positions they should be chosen based on qualifications, and diversity should come naturally. Some Democrats seem to think you have to skip over more qualified people just to prove a point though it seems.

Joe is scheduled to take presidential office office tomorrow, as 25,000 or more National Guard troops protect Washington D.C. Biden is also preparing for a mostly virtual inauguration, and both President Trump and Melania have snubbed the usual introduction ceremonies.

There are sure to be more interesting picks to come by Biden and we’ll update you as we are able to.