Joe Lombardo Officially Wins Nevada Governor’s Race Flipping the State Red

Nevada has flipped red by means of the governorship anyway. It’s been officially called that Republican Joe Lombardo is now the winner of that race.

The Nevada U.S. Senate race is still too close to call however. Charlie Kirk recently tweeted:

“Congratulations to Joe Lombardo (R) elected governor in Nevada, defeating incumbent Gov. Steve Sisolak (D)”

Overall the midterms did not favor Republicans nearly as much as they’d hoped.

Arizona results are still trickling in, infuriating many Republicans. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has an announcement planned for Tuesday and has a possible feud brewing with Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis.

Some think Trump should wait for all the late election results to do his announcement which many feel will be about his run for president. Time will tell soon what develops in the coming days.

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