Donald Trump Suggests Likely Support for a Rick Scott GOP Senate Leadership to Glenn Beck

On Tuesday, BlazeTV live-streamed during the midterm elections. Glenn Beck had former President Donald Trump on the live stream, interviewing him via phone. The discussion turned to the leadership of the Senate. Trump suggested that Rick Scott (R-FL) would be a better leader than Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Charlie Kirk shared part of the interview on Twitter with, “Donald Trump: “I think Rick Scott would be much better than McConnell” as Republican Senate Majority Leader”.

The clip starts with Beck asking Trump, “So, will you endorse Rick Scott to replace him [Mitch McConnell] in the coming days?”

Trump replies, “Well I think Rick is very good. I think he is highly underrated, smart guy, works hard, tirelessly. He was a great governor of Florida, he did a great job. He’s a very good senator.”

“It’s a little tuff because McConnell gives everyone their $20 million dollars,” Trump added.

Beck Jumped in “I think if you got behind it, and the American people understood what was at stake, that there is an alternative. I think the pressure being put on by the American people would change things.”

Trump then turned to focus back on McConnell, “Well I think he’s got a lot of pressure. His wife is a big person for Chinese investment, and his family and, China. I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

“No, I think Rick Scott would be much better than McConnell. I know McConnell well. I guess probably better than most. His wife I call her Coco Chow, she worked for me for four years,” he continued. He then pointed out that McConnell’s wife quit after January 6th being “heartbroken” and making a statement leaving his administration a week and a half before the end of his term.

“No, I’m not a fan of McConnell and I am a fan of Rick Scott, and you have others in there that would be very good,” Trump says as the clip ends.

The media played up a red wave based on apparently flawed polls that didn’t materialize. While Republicans appear to be taking back the House, it is very much in the air who will control the Senate. Many with in the Republican party are sick of the status quo and are ready to replace the leadership.

There are many suggesting that McConnell, as well as McCarthy, do not need to be in charge of the Republicans in Congress. Trump unabashedly is pushing for Rick Scott to take over leadership of Republicans in the Senate.

This is not much of a surprise as McConnell seemly only worked with Trump while he was at the helm of the White House and as soon as he was out McConnell’s true colors came forth.

Below you can see the full Livestream from Tuesday.


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