Joe Manchin Hits Back at Dems Who Want Him Unelected for Not Supporting Biden’s Plan, and He’s Not Backing Down

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is getting it from all sides. But if we had to guess which side he’s getting “it” from the most, we’d say it’s his own party. It’s a wonder to us honestly, as to why he hasn’t simply quit the Democrat Party like Governor Jim Justice (R-WV) on the stage of a President Donald Trump rally a few years ago.

But for some reason, Manchin prefers keeping the (D) after his name despite not wanting to go along with the Biden administration’s massive spending and federal election takeover plans. There have been reports of some Democrats wanting to primary Joe Manchin which he has recently gone on record to take the time to scoff at.

This is probably due to, in part, the fact that West Virginia is a very red state and supports Donald Trump by a large percentage.

The only reason they have some statewide Democrats many may argue is that the Democrat party has made a huge shift over the last decade or two from being the so-called party of the working man to the party of being “woke”. This leaves Democrats like Manchin feeling politically homeless.

The Hill reported that Manchin told fellow Dems who want to primary him to “bring it on”. They also reported in part:

“I’ve been primaried my entire life. That would not be anything new for me. … Bring it on,” Manchin told reporters, asked about some of his colleagues not ruling out supporting a primary opponent.

Manchin’s comments come as Senate Democrats are headed to defeat on their push to change the Senate filibuster in order to pass election-related legislation.

It’s unlikely that Senate Democrats will get their way with the filibuster. But Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wants to get Senators Manchin and Sinema on record as going against the party to try to put more pressure on them.

We will stay tuned to see if Schumer and the Dems have any tricks let up their sleeve as Manchin tries to determine his political future going forward in this rapidly changing nation and political environment we are finding ourselves in.

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