Nicholas Sandmann Marks Three Year Anniversary Since D.C. Confrontation, Hints at More Legal Action

In a tweet, Nicholas Sandmann today marked three years since the Lincoln Memorial confrontation in Washington D.C. that he had with activist Nathan Phillips.

In the aftermath, there were many stories falsely portraying him and the other students who were involved as the aggressors and he was particularly slandered by many of the mainstream media news outlets.

Sandmann has since filed lawsuits against all those that he felt deserved it and has settled three cases so far with  CNN, The Washington Post, and NBC.

In the tweet, Sandmann hinted at more legal action, as he still has multiple pending lawsuits against various media outlets.

“3 years to the day. I may have to spend more but be assured that justice will be served,” Sandmann vowed.

In a quote tweet, Sandmann added, “I want to thank my lawyer Todd Mcmurtry especially for his excellent legal work and professionalism he has displayed since day 1.”

ACT For America’s Brigitte Gabriel responded to Sandmann’s initial tweet and told him, “GOOD. Bankrupt them all.”

Another Twitter user, “Ron,” replied, “I’m waiting in anticipation for Rittenhouse’s settlements.”

While nobody knows for sure how much Sandmann has received, according to a report, his settlement in 2020 with CNN nearly went public due to his age.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the figure was almost released through a Kenton County probate court case because, at the time, Sandmann was a minor and couldn’t claim the money.

Court documents revealed, however, that due to COVID-19 court delays, he was able to celebrate his 18th birthday and, no longer a minor, claim the money himself.

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