John Ratcliffe Withdraws From Consideration for Director of National Intelligence

Earlier, President Trump sent a message to the American people in a pair of tweets, that John Ratcliffe has decided to stay in Congress and withdraw his nomination as the Director of National Intelligence.

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Questions were raised among representatives and the media regarding some statements that were made on his Congressional website.  According to news organizations Newsweek and the New York Times, the questions were bipartisan, but in fact, only evidence of partisan questions can be found in the articles. Apparently, the claims being circulated are that Ratcliffe had ascertained some terrorism convictions as a federal prosecutor that he allegedly did not actually land.


The Newsweek article cites House Speaker and Democrat Nancy Pelosi as raising concerns, but never mentions any Republican issues with the potential discrepancy and the New York Times article mentions nothing either. In fact, the Newsweek article goes as far as to say that the U.S. attorney who led the Eastern District of Texas office when Ratcliffe was there defended his appointment.

The New York Times article blatantly wrote:

“The announcement was another reversal for the president and underscored recurring dysfunction in the White House vetting process that has plagued the administration.”

The reality is that everything President Trump does is under the microscope more and more and with many news organizations that claim to be unbiased but are actually adding their own spin on these things. It is becoming harder to trust what is being put out by the major media outlets as fair anymore.