Jordan Hopes ‘More Justice to Come’ After FBI Lawyer Pleads Guilty for Part in ‘Cabal Out to Take Down’ Trump

US Congressman Jim Jordan weighed in after it was announced that Kevin Clinesmith, “the corrupt FBI lawyer who deliberately fabricated evidence to justify spying on Page,” will plead guilty to federal charges of falsifying evidence.

Jordan said that Clinesmith, “Worked for Peter Strzok, deliberately doctored FISA evidence, and bragged about being part of the ‘resistance.'” He linked him in with “the Obama/Biden/Comey Cabal” that “was out to take down President Trump” and “hoped there’s more justice to come.”

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, who has been retweeted by President Trump, commented on the situation by saying today’s Durham court filing makes it clear that FBI/DOJ KNEW Carter Page worked w/CIA yet they withheld that material fact from FISA court.

He wondered “Will others be prosecuted?” He also asked, “Why should ANY prosecution related to Donald Trump be trusted!” He believes the only conclusion should be to “Pardon everyone!”

From The Federalist:

Clinesmith’s name first made national news after his anti-Trump text messages to another FBI attorney, Sally Moyer, surfaced following a separate OIG investigation of anti-Trump bias from top FBI attorneys and investigators.

“I’m just devastated,” Clinesmith texted to Moyer shortly after Trump won the presidential election in November of 2016. “Plus, my god damned name is all over the legal documents investigating his staff,” Clinesmith wrote.

“Is it making you rethink your commitment to the Trump administration?” Moyer later asked Clinesmith, ostensibly referring to Clinesmith’s plan to remain at the FBI after Trump’s inauguration.

“Hell no,” Clinesmith responded. “Viva le resistance.”

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