Jordan Peterson Suspended from Twitter for Comment About Elliot Page, Peterson’s Daughter Responds, Tags Elon Musk, ‘Definitely Not a Free Speech Platform’

Podcaster, philosopher, and author Jordan Peterson, who is from Canada, has been suspended from Twitter with a permanent strike against his account. He tweeted something about Elliot Page, formerly Ellen Page, in regards to that person’s transition from female to male.

Elon Musk himself has issued concern about transgender surgery, as one of his children who has now disowned him has had that procedure. Peterson’s daughter tagged Musk in a tweet complaining about her father’s suspension.

It’s unclear if they are trying to get Musk to take up their cause because he may sympathize with it, simply because he is buying Twitter, or both. However, Musk is not yet in charge of Twitter. The acquisition has a long way to go, and Musk has been quiet on Twitter recently, as we reported earlier:

Peterson’s daughter opined on the suspension posting details below:

We would guess Musk would not allow a suspension like this if he was in charge and would sympathize with Jordan Peterson if we had to guess. However, it’s unclear if Musk is hyperfocused on SpaceX, Tesla, and the Twitter acquisition for a while, and perhaps may take a break from opining on cultural issues.

We doubt he will be gone from posting on Twitter for very long, but time will tell. 100 million followers would like to know what he thinks for sure.

Many are also anticipating new leadership at Twitter, as they seem to be very heavy-handed at handing out permanent suspension, which former CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey have said is a failure of the company.

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