Is Elon Musk OK? His Last Public Tweet Before ‘Radio Silence’ Was About Dish Network as Recession Looms

Elon Musk is the world’s richest man. More money, more problems though, so they say. Musk has lost much of his wealth, as have other rich Americans lately, as the stock market has been correcting in reaction to interest rates going higher at the behest of the federal reserve.

To add insult to injury, Musk has to pay for a Twitter acquisition based on a valuation for Twitter stock before much of the correction, and before Tesla stock also came down a lot, which is where much of Musk’s wealth is.

I understand that most people reading this who will likely never be as rich as Mr. Musk may be thinking, “cry me a river” as it’s all relative and it’s also unlikely Musk will ever go broke. However, the amount of stress and headache that must be involved with trying to buy Twitter while the stock market flounders is surely a lot.

To top it off, Musk recently “came out” as conservative, which led to many Democrat attacks and even some comparing him as the new Trump on Twitter. This comes despite the fact that Musk says he is only a moderate.

It is true that Musk has a large following on Twitter. In fact, it was getting to the point where many people were consistently anticipating what he may tweet next, with many news websites and TV shows spending ample amounts of time covering his opinion and wit. Musk has apparently gone silent on Twitter now though, and even though it has only been a little over a week, many are wondering what’s going on.

Will he pop back up on Twitter any day now, as if nothing ever happened? Or will he wait until the Twitter acquisition is complete? It’s hard to say. For all we know, a new tweet will be posted by the time we are finished writing this article. Musk’s voice is certainly something that has had many cultural impacts.

Historically, people have been fascinated with the richest people in the world. Oftentimes, however, those rich men are out of touch culturally, in the eyes of many, or simply follow the left-leaning mainstream playbook.

Musk is interesting and different though, which is why so many have been fascinated by his tweets as he runs multiple companies and projects. Musk’s last tweet was a response to Michael Sheetz, and it didn’t seem like “last tweet” material. We’re not implying that Musk isn’t “physically” OK with our title by the way.

We are just putting out the message that we think many of his fans are hoping he’s not under tons of stress with the multiple billion-dollar variables coming at him all at once. We could make the article about his issue with Dish Network and satellite spectrum too, but would you keep reading it?

“Their attempt to bait and switch satellite spectrum for cellular spectrum is super shady and unethical. If they are successful, it would hurt the least served and completely unserved of the world. Very messed up.”

We will be staying tuned to see what happens next in this multi-pronged saga.