Jordan Wastes no Time in Going After Nadler and Supporting AG Barr in Explosive Opening Statement

In House Rep Jim Jordan’s opening statement today at a House Judiciary Committee hearing involving Attorney General Bill Barr, Jordan seeks to reveal one of the real reasons he believes Nadler and the Democrats are going after Barr. “Spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” Jordan says, referencing and old statement by Barr that Jordan believes really set off the Dems.

Barr implied that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign previously and Jordan thinks the left has had it out for him ever since, and that everything else is just gravy on top so to speak. Jim Jordan has an epic moment reminiscent of the impeachment hearing when he blasted the left, over and over again in video clips that went viral and took the internet by storm.

Jordan goes on to thank Barr for pushing back against the defund the police movement, after mentioning the firing of Comey and Democrat campaign against General Michael Flynn.

“Now you filed articles of impeachment against him (Barr), it’s ridiculous,” Jordan says, aimed at Nadler and the left. He then goes on to play a video of rioting and violence clips that Nadler is in apparent denial of, and which many left-wing media outlets call ‘peaceful’ protests, which really set off Nadler. The opening statement by Jordan is below: reported in part:

During his opening statement, Jordan played minutes of video footage of the riots while Nadler watched. After the video ended Nadler made a snarky comment about how long Jordan’s opening statement was, and then said “without objection, I am going to insert the committee’s audio video policy to the record of this hearing and note that the minority did not give the committee the 48 hour notice required by that policy” so it wouldn’t be entered into the record.

Needless to say, Nadler wasn’t pleased with the montage.