Josephine Mulvihill Arrested and Charged With Assaulting an Officer Despite Leftist’s False Claim of BLM Protest of Iowa Capitol Being ‘Peaceful’

Black Lives Matter and other leftists protested at the Iowa State Capitol yesterday, sometimes allegedly violently, against proposed legislation that would increase qualified immunity for law enforcement officers and heighten penalties for some protest-related offenses.

One protester who is 18 years old was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer. Josephine Mulvihill was her name. Andy Ngo reported:

“Yesterday, Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the Iowa State Capitol to try and “kill” legislative bills they opposed (their event was called “Kill the racist bills”). Josephine Mulvihill was arrested & charged with assaulting an officer.”

See video below:

Leftist Katarina Sostaric falsely claimed the protest/riot yesterday was peaceful, but Ngo set the record straight, in his view:

“How was it nonviolent when you can see in video the protesters became violent against law enforcement? One of the protesters was even charged with assault. The flyers for the BLM event made references to “killing” as well.”

The Des Moines Register, owned by left-leaning Gannett, which also owns USA Today, published a story that leans heavily towards the claim that Mulvihill did not assault a police officer and that somehow the arrest was under false pretenses. They reported in part:

Video of the arrest circulating on social media does not appear to show Mulvihill push or grab Hernandez, but she is briefly out of the picture in the video. The video does show Hernandez turn to Mulvihill, who is standing next to him, and force her to the ground during the arrest. 

Rally organizers showed reporters a copy of the state permit they obtained to hold a rally outside the Capitol and in the building’ss [sic] Rotunda. 

Numerous activists who witnessed the encounter told the Des Moines Register they had observed Mulvihill ask the two Iowa State Patrol officers for their badge numbers, then they saw Hernandez grab ahold of Mulvihill, take her to the floor, and arrest her.  

Ashley Dorelus, 26, a protester who was next to Mulvihill when she was arrested, said she did not see Mulvihill assault the officer “whatsoever.”

Although we can’t claim whether or not someone is innocent or guilty until proven by a court of law, it almost feels to us as though the Register is siding with the group of people who stormed the Iowa Capitol yesterday, reportedly violently, but that’s just in our view.

Previously we reported that the perceivably weak Republican Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds caved to pressure from Black Lives Matter to allow felons to vote, potentially emboldening the group, which is now taking to physical violence according to respected reporter Andy Ngo. Here is a photo from that story:

Time will tell if the charges stick or what else may come from yesterday’s allegedly violent storming of the Iowa Capitol.